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Sausalito Ballerinas Shine on the World Stage

Posted on: April 11, 2011

Three Sausalito girls, Annika Burns, Elsie Hottner and Avni Shah, are the first group of ballerinas in the area toset an international dance standard in their category recently, by entering in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Pre-Primary in Dance annual Examination held in Fremont. They received great results and compliments from the RAD international examiner.

Based on the fun and creative RAD Dance Syllabus, the ballerinas went through one year training in the Park and Recreation Centre, by the RAD Certified Ballet Teacher, Terry Wong-McDonnell ARAD RAD RTS. During the Examination, they have demonstrated the required technical level and have also showed knowledge of the syllabus vocabulary with great imagination.

The Royal Academy of Dance is the world’s leading dance education organization and is based in London, England. The RAD programmes including ballet examinations are fully accredited through the University of Surrey in England.

The RAD dance programme is currently conducted in the Sausalito Park and Recreation centre. For information, please call (415) 289-4152.

Back roll (left to right):Alan Choy, Poise Ballet pianist; Terry Wong-McDonnell ARAD, RAD RTS. Front roll (left to right):Annika Burns, Elsie Hottner, Avni Shah.


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